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Real Estate Sales & Purchases

Avoid nasty, expensive surprises when buying or selling property!

Our conveyancing solicitors specialises in real estate sales and purchases in Brisbane and Queensland. We will fully protect your interests when it comes to dealing in what will probably be the biggest and most important legal matter of your life.

Before you sign a contract, first contact us at either our Browns Plains or Sunnybank Hills offices, so we can make sure your legal rights are protected and provide special conditions, if necessary.

Conveyancing Solicitors – Tools & Resources

We can provide you with the following tools when buying and selling real estate or attending auctions,
which our conveyancing Brisbane solicitors use:

Our Explanatory Brochures

Our Booklet on Pitfalls to avoid

How to prepare a budget of costs

You may also download our informative checklists:


Once the contract is signed, please contact either of our conveyancing solicitors Brisbane offices to make an appointment. We will need to peruse the contract first and advise you of our conveyancing fixed fees which depend on the following:

which local council is involved
what searches we need to carry out to make sure the property is free of legal restrictions
whether you are seeking finance and need assistance with the explanation and signing of mortgage documents and arranging for your financier to attend settlement
what additional searches your financier may require

Our fixed-fees also include a life-time of free initial advice on any subsequent sale, purchase, or mortgage of property by you or your immediate family… a valuable benefit which you can use at any time.

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